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     The Strength Courage & Wisdom Foundation (S.C.W) was founded in 2013 to help transform and renew lives that have been challenged with adversities. Our motto is built on faith and determination; our goal is to instill in others the ability to find hope despite their circumstances and to utilize resources to overcome challenges.
     S.C.W Foundation is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. We have raised funds for the American Cancer Society, The American Diabetes Association and have partnered with the Department of Health and Human Services in Allegheny County; we provided the “Better Choice Better Health” community outreach workshop series, known as the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program geared toward senior citizens. S.C.W Foundation also delivered moderate to low impact workouts for all ages. This year we will be focusing our fundraising events and efforts towards. 

Our Team

Darlene Epps


Sheena Marshall

Co-Founder/Vice President 

LaVerne Clark


Romika Hodge


Board Members


Wayne Walters
Bonnie Adams
Andre McGee
Janet Pinnix


Brooke Epps


Deborah Holt
Ethel Cleveland
April Cleveland
Bennie Turner
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